Setting Ball Heights on Weight Distribution Hitches

Heavy tongue weight when towing a trailer usually ends in sagging of the tow automotive’s rear end. This ends in poor coping with. Weight distribution hitches eliminate this type of disadvantage. The load distribution hitch equalizes the tongue weight by inserting the trailer’s weight equally on all four corners. The right hitch ball peak have to be attained for the load distribution hitch to perform successfully. towing leads

You need to the following provides when measuring the height: a ratchet wrench, a measuring tape, a socket wrench and a hitch pin that has a locking pin.

1. The trailer to be towed have to be packed on diploma ground. Take away the trailer hitch from the automotive that is to tow. The trailer have to be leveled by shifting the trailer tongue jack to the wished course. The bubble found on the facet diploma of the trailer have to be exactly within the midst of the two traces. Use the measuring tape to measure the house between the underside and the hitch ball coupler excessive.

2. On the tow automotive’s rear end, insert the hitch draw bar into the receiver hitch making certain it’s appropriately completed. Insert a hitch pin proper into a niche on the draw facet bar to confirm the bar is secured. Use a locking pin to secure it. Measure from the very best of the hitch ball to the underside. The measurement taken have to be higher than the one from the trailer coupler. For every 100 lb. trailer tongue weight, the measurements must exceed by 1/eight inches. As an example, for 800 lb. trailer tongue weight, there have to be an inch bigger of hitch ball peak than the trailer hitch ball coupler.

three. Use a racket wrench and a socket to remove the hitch shank’s two retaining bolts. The hitch ball is mounted on the hitch shank. On the draw bar’s two vertical mounting holes which will be closest, slide the shank. This could place the hitch ball excessive on the beforehand determined objective peak.

4. After this the retaining bolts have to be positioned once more to the mounting holes. Tighten the nuts solely finger tight. Barely tilt the hitch head forward. Onto the shank pin that comes with the hitch, place two washers fastidiously. Subsequent, on the excessive of the shank is an unthreaded hole the place you could insert the pin.

5. Make certain that the hitch head rests in opposition to the pin by tilting it. Use a ratchet wrench and a ratchet to tighten the two retaining bolts on the hitch shank.

Tow your trailer to a industrial scale to get it weighed when you don’t have any thought its tongue weight. The load distribution hitch will you should definitely have all of the load equally distributed. It moreover helps cease trailer sway to some stage.